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Introducing the Cosmo Stamp of Sexcellence


Apr 1, 2019

If you think working at Cosmo is all fun, games, and dildo deliveries...then you are correct. As the OG sexual-empowerment magazine, we field hundreds of pitches about new sex toys, products, services, and change-makers that are enhancing pleasure for women—but we know a true winner when we see one. Or 33. Behold, our ultimate picks.


Remy Kassimir

At 28 years old, ­Kassimir had never experienced an orgasm, so she decided to talk about it—to hundreds of people. Since launching her podcast, How Cum, in late 2017, she’s become a voice for those with less sexual experience. “I was so nervous about being a weirdo, and I thought it was going to expose me,” she says. “But the response has been overwhelming. A lot of people are saying, ‘I thought I was alone until you said something.’” Listen in, and you may feel a comforting sense of camaraderie too.

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