In 2017 comedian Remy Kassimir was 28 and had NEVER had an orgasm. So she did what any rational person would do and started a podcast to figure out how to do it! Spoiler alert: She completed her goal and now this podcast has helped hundreds of "Cumpanions" around the world to accomplish their first O's as well. Come along on the journey as the most interesting, hilarious, and expert guests tell Remy about their first time cumming and give Remy specific assignments to go from 'no' to O! Listen, laugh, and learn EVERYTHING about sex that you’d ever want to know and never talk about.

Remy Kassimir:
Host and Creator

Remy Kassimir is a New York City born stand up comedian and actor who got her start in improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade. At age 27, Remy conceptualized the idea of How Cum after years of never having an orgasm; following many private attempts, she realized that she needed to be held accountable on this difficult journey and a podcast would be the perfect medium to do so. After achieving her “goal” she made the decision to continue the podcast in an effort to reach the most people and help them feel less alone in the worlds of sex, relationships, and self-worth. Since its launch, listeners all over the world have written in to How Cum and over 400 have had their first orgasms, while countless others have had orgasms in new ways. Remy performs stand up comedy around the world and has been featured on Netflix Explained, SiriusXM, Refinery29, and received one of the first ever Sexcellence Awards from Cosmopolitan.

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Charlotte Kassimir:
Producer & Lead Researcher Seasons 1 & 2

Charlotte Kassimir graduated Summa Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Hamilton College with Chi Psi honors in psychology. After graduation, she worked at HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, most recently as a Research Associate Producer. Melding her background in research and psychology, Charlotte joined the How Cum to make sure all facts and figures are accurate and to help answer all of the questions you’ve ever wanted to know, but never ask. Charlotte eats a troubling amount of pizza and has heartburn most of the time - two facts that are likely (definitely) related. Also, she’s Remy’s sister - obviously.

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The more you orgasm the more orgasmic you become.