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  • Sweet Vibes
    Girl's Best Friend - 2-in-1 vibrator and clitoris stimulator. The innovative vacuum technology both sucks and vibrates your clitoris, simulating realistic oral pleasure. tuLips - Tulips bullet vibrator is uniquely designed to stimulate the entire clitoris (not just the tip). The two lips of the tulips act like a kiss to the clitoris, gently embracing and stimulating the tip, while vibrating the entire clitoris beneath the surface. Pixie - A clitoral vibrator that fits in the palm of your hand, yet holds serious power. The Perfect Match - The Perfect Match is a soft and flexible rabbit vibrator, with independently vibrating tips. Dual tips are paired with 10 settings to massage and pleasure inside and out. Charmed - Ergonomically shaped dual-sensation. Experience relaxation alone or with your partner(s) with a soft and flexible wand massager. Kissed - A clitoral stimulator with a flexible grip handle and a realistic feel - the soft, body-safe silicone mimics the feel of a tongue.
  • Satisfyer
    AirPulse Stimulator Pro 2 - Our classic and stylish Pro 2 debuts our proprietary Air-Pulse Technology, meant to excite your clitoris into pure bliss. Featuring a whisper quiet motor and a soft silicone head, the Pro 2 sets the mood to reach the peak of your desire. AirPulse Stimulator Traveller - The Traveler, both chic and portable, features our proprietary Air-Pulse Technology, making you weak in the knees. Whisper-quiet and topped with a magnetic cap, this tender gem is great for "grab and go" moments and secret rendezvous
  • Plus One
    Air Pulsing Arouser - The plusOne air pulsing arouser offers a unique sensation, harnessing delicate air pressure to gently, yet powerfully, stimulate the clitoris. Whether you’re a total newbie or sex toy expert, this arouser is a great pick. Mini Massager - Subtle, sleek, and ultra-versatile, the mini massager fits into the palm of your hand, bringing pleasure with it wherever it goes. Lay it flat against your vulva, or use the tip to stimulate your clitoris, nipples, or anywhere else you’re able to imagine. Fluttering Arouser - The fluttering arouser mimics the sensation of oral pleasure from a partner by gently stimulating the clitoris. The powerful motor has 10 different settings and combines vibration, with a fluttering tongue to create a tantalizing experience. Personal Massager - The plusOne vibrating personal massager is perfectly curved to reach just the right spot, with a vibrating head that provides the perfect amount of pressure. Compact yet powerful, it packs a delightful punch. Vibrating Feather Tickler - Sleek and ultra-versatile, the vibrating feather is the essential tantalizing teaser or full-use device. stimulate your vulva, or use the tip to stimulate your clitoris, nipples, or anywhere else you can imagine. Dual Vibrating Massager - PlusOne’s dual vibrating massager brings pleasure to a new level. With two motors and independently vibrating tips, it’s versatile with a setting for every mood. Whisper quiet with super soft body-safe silicone, this velvety dildo will excite you both inside and out. Dual Vibrating Arc - The dual vibrating arc massager produces powerful stimulation from both ends of the perfectly curved arc. The innovative ergonomic design contacts the body in the best places and helps you reach new levels of pleasure.
  • Dame
    Eva - Hands-off, turned-on. Eva is a wearable clitoral vibrator for pleasure that stays in place during sex. It tucks in to enhance partner play without getting in the way. Aer - A powerful arousal tool for fans of oral stimulation. Aer creates thrilling pulses of air and a soft seal around your clitoris, so you can go all the way, right away. Pom - An inviting vibe to find your bliss. Pom snuggles close, bends, and moves with you, putting pleasure in the palm of your hand. Arc - Arc features a strong motor, a soft bulb with a clit-stimulating ridge, and an easy-reach curved handle, so you can explore and discover the perfect spot. Fin - A versatile finger vibrator designed to feel like an extension of your hand and add stimulation to your intimate touch. An optional tether gives you second-nature seamlessness. Com - Com is our body-friendly take on the classic wand shape, upgraded for comfort. Great as a first wand or for more experienced players craving intense external clitoral stimulation, Com’s curved handle makes it easy to hold while it works its magic.
  • Womanizer
    Liberty - Womanizer’s LIBERTY takes intense orgasms beyond the bedroom with Pleasure Air Technology’s pulsating waves of contactless suction. With a sleek protective case, LIBERTY is ready to hit the road by your side. Now you’re free to enjoy incredible orgasms anywhere you want. Starlet 2 - Womanizer’s Pleasure Air Technology gives you an orgasmic sensation unlike anything you’ve ever felt. Featuring 4 intensity levels, you can adjust STARLET 2’s shifting waves of air pressure and suction for a customized, contactless massage. Duo - DUO is the best of both worlds. Featuring Womanizer’s Pleasure Air Technology, DUO stimulates the clitoris with powerful waves of alternating air pressure and massages the G-spot with intense internal vibrations.
  • Lioness
    The Lioness Vibrator 2.0 - Unlock a whole new world of pleasure with Lioness, the world’s most advanced vibrator. Built by badass women, engineers, and designers, Lioness uses built-in sensors and an intuitive mobile app to visualize your arousal and orgasms. It’s simple: use Lioness like any other vibrator, then see your pleasure data on your phone. Soon, you’ll begin to understand how your body responds – and how to make every orgasm more satisfying and enjoyable. Use code "HOWCUM" to get 10% off all products at
  • Saucy Books
    The Hunted (Series) - Ivy Smoak The Belle and the Beard - Kate Canterbary Salacious Players Club (Series) - Sara Cate Erotica - Anais Nin Anything by Tiffany Reisz A Court of Thorns and Roses (Series) - Sarah J. Maas Girl Crush - FLorence Given Little Rabbit - Alyssa Songsiridej Dark Olympus (Series) - Katee Robert The Never King - Nikki St. Crowe
  • Books by Guests
    He Comes Second - Ian Kerner She Comes First: The Thinking Man’s Guide to Pleasuring a Woman - Ian Kerner All the Fucking Mistakes - Gigi Engle Yoke - Jessamyn Stanley More Attention, Less Deficit: Success Strategies for Adults With ADHD - Ari Tuckman Understand Your Brain, Get More Done: The ADHD Executive Functions Workbook - Ari Tuckman Sex and the City - Candace Bushnell
  • All Book Rec*mmendations
    21 Irrefutable Laws Of Leadership - John C. Maxwell A Litany For. Survival - Audrey Lord All The Fucking Mistakes - Gigi Engle Angela Davis (Anything -) Better Sex Through Mindfulness How Women Can Cultivate Desire - Lori Brotto Bonk The Curious Coupling Of Science And Sex - Mary Roach Come As You Are The Surprising New Science That Will Transform Your Sex Life - Emily Nagoski Cunt A Declaration Of Independence - Inga Muscio Desire Descrepancy A Sex Education Workbook For Partners Struggling With Mismatched Libidos - Corinne Kai Erotic Stories For Punjabi Widows - Balli Kaur Jaswal Ethical Porn For Dicks A Man’s Guide To Responsible Viewing Pleasure - David Ley Guide To Getting It On Unzipped - Paul Joannides He Comes Second - Ian Kerner His Porn, Her Pain Confronting America’s Porn-Panic With Honest Talk About Sex - Marty Klein How To Have Feminist Sex A Fairly Graphic Guide - Flo Perry Inequality - Design - Claude S. Fischer Intimacy & Desire Awaken The Passion In Your Relationship - David Schnarch Killing Rage - Bell Hooks Learn Better - Ulrich Boser Mind The Gap - Karen Gurney My Grandmother's Hands - Resmaa Menakem Myth Of The Model Minority - Rosalind S. Chou Pachinko - Min Jin Lee Pleasure Activism The Politics Of Feeling Good - Adrienne Maree Brown Promiscuity An Evolutionary History Of Sperm Competition - Tim Birkhead Pussy A Reclamation - Regena Thomashauer Red Rising Series - Pierce Brown Rekindling Desire, 2nd Ed. - Barry Mccarthy & Emily Mccarthy Sexual Intelligence What We Really Want From Sex—And How To Get It - Marty Klein She Comes First The Thinking Man’s Guide To Pleasuring A Woman - Ian Kerner Slave Patrols - Sally Hadden Tell Me What You Want The Science Of Sexual Desire And How It Can Help You Improve Your Sex Life - Justin Lehmiller The Erotic Mind Unlocking The Inner Sources Of Passion And Fulfillment - Jack Morin The Ethical Slut - Dossie Easton The Ethnic Myth - Stephen Steinberg The Opening Of The American Mind - Lawrence W. Levine The Retreat From Race - Dana Y Takagi The Sex Bible For People Over 50 - Laurie Betito The Sexually Confident Wife - Shannon Ethridge The State Of Affairs Rethinking Infidelity - Esther Perel The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*Ck - Mark Manson The Surprising New Science That Will Transform Your Sex Life - Emily Nagoski The Turner House - Angela Flournoy The Vagina Bible - Jen Gunter Untamed - Glennon Doyle Vagina Monologues - Eve Ensler W.E.B Du Bois (Anything -) Womancode Perfect Your Cycle, Amplify Your Fertility, Supercharge Your Sex Drive, And Become A Power Source - Alissa Vitti Women Don’t Owe You Pretty - Florence Given
  • ADHD Books
    ADD and Your Money A Guide to Personal Finance for Adults With Attention Deficit Disorder - Stephanie Sarkis A Radical Guide for Women with ADHD Embrace Neurodiversity, Live Boldy, and Break Through Barriers - Sari Solden & Michelle Frank Confessions of an ADDiva Midlife in the Non-Linear Lane - Linda Roggli Is It You, Me, or Adult A.D.D.? Stopping the Roller Coaster When Someone You Love Has Attention Deficit Disorder - Gina Pera Loving Someone With Attention Deficit Disorder A Practical Guide to Understanding Your Partner, Improving Your Communication, and Strengthening You - Susan Tschudi Married to Distraction Restoring Intimacy and Strengthening Your Marriage in an Age of Interruption - Edward Hallowell & Sue George Hallowell More Attention, Less Deficit Success Strategies for Adults With ADHD - Ari Tuckman The ADHD Effect on Marriage Understand and Rebuild Your Relationship in Six Steps - Melissa Orlov The Adult ADHD Tool Kit - J. Russell Ramsay & Anthony Rostain The Couple’s Guide to Thriving with ADHD - Melissa Orlov & Nancie Kohlenberger Understand Your Brain, Get More Done The ADHD Executive Functions Workbook - Ari Tuckman When an Adult You Love Has ADHD Professional Advice for Parents, Partners, and Siblings - Russell Barkley
  • Watch When You're Horny
    Big Mouth Friday Night Lights Girls Insecure Laguna Beach Living Single MTV Spring Break Normal People Outer Banks Real Sex Revenge Reign Riverdale Sex Education Taxicab Confessions The L-Word The O.C. The Umbrella Academy The Vampire Diaries This Is Us True Blood Undressed What We Do In The Shadows
  • Background Shows for Masturbation
    Cheers You Me Her Frasier Grey’s Anatomy Happy Endings The Daily Show (John Stewart) The L-Word
  • TV Shows with Good Music
    Girls Insecure True Blood
  • Gay Movies that aren't Actually Gay
    American Pie Bring it On Center Stage Clueless Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Drop Dead Gorgeous First Wives Club Grease Grease 2 Hocus Pocus Lifesize Mean Girls Mean Girls 2 My Best Friend’s Wedding My Big Fat Greek Wedding My Fair Lady Parent Trap Practical Magic Singing in the Rain Sister Act Sister Act 2 Stardust The Fifth Element The Greatest Showman The Opera Singer Title of Show Top Model + Last Comic Standing + Project Runway = Drag Race Troop Beverly Hills Tuck Everlasting Up
  • Feel Good Shows
    30 Rock 90 Day Fiance Cheers Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Frasier Happy Endings Jane The Virgin Living Single Schitt’s Creek The Good Place The Office Tuca and Bertie
  • Quarantine Shows
    30 Rock Catfish Gossip Girl Hoarders Intervention Love Is Blind Love Island Love on the Spectrum Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Real Housewives of New York RuPaul’s Drag Race Teen Mom The Boys The Circle Tiger King
  • Documentaries
    Seduced The Vow
  • Sex Education
    Big Mouth Sex Education
  • Covid Related Shows
    Love Connection Mythic Quests Social Distance
  • Reality TV
    90 Day Fiance Love Island Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Real Housewives of New York Summer House
  • Shows and Movies that Mistaught Sex
    Emily in Paris Sex and The City The Secretary
  • Teen Dramas
    13 Reasons Why Degrassi Euphoria Grand Army Outer Banks Vampires in the Bronx
  • Polyamory Shows
    Polyamory Single Parents You Me Her
  • Movies
    What We Do In The Shadows Yes, God, Yes
  • Assignment 1: Solo Time
    Get used to dedicating sexual time to yourself! A lot of people are accustomed to catering to other people's needs and not letting themselves get focused on their pleasure for enough time. In this assignment we are dedicating 20 minutes just for you (you can do it!). While alone, set a timer for 20 minutes, lay down, get comfortable and take everything off except for your underwear. Avoid any visuals or audio. Put your hand over your panties and breathe deep. With a cupping motion, lightly trace over your vulva. Close your eyes and imagine whatever fantasy comes to mind. There is no pressure to cum. This is meditation time.
  • Assignment 2: Try Some Porn
    Next time you’re feeling horny, check out some porn and get in touch with the things that turn you on. We suggest starting with the basics: delivery guy, romance porn, soft core or girl on girl. You can also search for anything you think you’ll like and then see where that takes you. This is no time for self-judgement. No pressure to masturbate but do if you want to. Pro tip: Many women find it easier to cum with audio porn. (We rec*mmend Dipsea)
  • Assignment 3: Look in Mirror
    Have you ever looked down there? Have you done it while stimulated? Get mirror next time you are horny and look at "yourself" down there while masturbating. You will notice that the clitoris will move slightly and also that different parts of it react more than others! Everyone's is different Watch how yours moves and figure out *where* on the clitoris needs stimulation. Upper right? Lower left hand quadrant? Note: Direct stimulation can be too much(or perfect!)
  • Assignment 4: Visit Your Doctor(s)
    Go to a doctor or two! If you're concerned that your parts aren't working, you have a mental block that's stopping your orgasms, or both; visit a gynaecologist and a psychiatrist or therapist! Tell them your concerns and get a walkthrough of your parts. Discuss any medication you are taking and possible side effects, as well as whatever is on your mind that might be inhibiting you or worrying you sexually.
  • Assignment 5: Masturbation Class or Tantric Massage
    Go to a masturbation class! If there aren't any near you, watch one online at OMGyes or try an audio guided masturbation on Dipsea or Quinn. Get a tantric massage! Find a professional in your area who strained in Tantra and ask them their recommendations! If there aren't any, try a guided masturbation from the above sites with a willing partner.
  • Assignment 6: Plug In!
    Get yourself a toy! We highly recummend airpulse arousers or "clit suckers" if you will, they're almost guaranteed success. Next time you're feeling it, put a towel down, put on some music that gets you even more hype and get on your back. Bottoms off, (socks optional) use your toy and try ALL the different settings/ positions (on the clit). You can also move the position of your body and really lean into it. Keep on trying, don't give up if it hasn't worked for you yet!! Need toy recs? Check out our favorite ones on IG or below and use our promo codes for discount!
  • Where can I find your promo codes?
    Visit the Shop Our Partners page to find the list of all our promo codes!
  • Where can I find the Episode 6 tea?
    You can find the unedited episode here! Along with Remy and Robyn's Post Coitus on it here!
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