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Important, Relatable, Genuine

"Out of all the podcasts I tried listening to, this one is the best one I have heard. They do not preach how a woman, or man, is supposed to be like. Instead they encourage to find yourself. It was very eye opening to me and has changed my perspective on multiple subjects to life. I am sure it will for others as well. Men and women need to hear these things! Plus, it's funny so give it a listen if you want a chuckle."

So, I'm on Deployment and We Were Talking About Sex...

“So, I'm on deployment and we were talking about sex. I brought up how much I learned from your podcast and so many soldiers said ”that's lame! I'm great at sex! I always get women off.” I bring in statistics, science and everything else. They weren't totally convinced.

We have spent the last 4 hours listening to first episodes How Cum (doesn't look like it's ending soon.) and everyone is having incredibly constructive conversations. Someone will literally say ”Hey! Pause pause pause!” and we will discuss the topic and move on…Hope you realize what this podcast has done for people. Especially for me.


A group of ”Alpha Males” are sitting around a speaker listening to your podcast learning about the female orgasm and talking about how they can improve their partner's sex life. These guys are learning about selflessness, in a way, through this podcast. That's awesome. Just wanted you to understand the impact you're making...I've been in the Army for coming on 6 years and I've seen misogyny every step of the way - it’s not everywhere in the Army or military in general, but it's there...


Just this week I had one of MY soldiers said ”I don't care if she comes” and tonight that very soldier said that he was going to be more conscious with his partners. That's incredible. Keep going! I'm so pumped about this. I hope this spreads past this deployment. The military isn't full of female-friendly individuals (we aren't all bad but...) and I've heard more pro-women statements this night than I ever have in my military career.

This podcast makes the world a better place. Truthfully. You don't have to express any gratitude. If anyone should be thankful it’s me. It’s men who listen. The podcast is so palatable that men are able to be receptive. Keep doing what you're doing. Men are going to catch on.


If dudes in the Army think this is dope, men, in general, will think this incredible. You've literally  helped an entire platoon of guys understand the #MeToo movement, women, sexuality, and toxic masculinity in one night…


We should thank you. So, THANK YOU!!!!”

My favorite podcast!!

"This podcast is so entertaining and also informative!!! It is nice to hear the many perspectives of the people on the podcast. I feel like I am not alone when I listen to this podcast because they talk about so much stuff that is usually not talked about openly. Love it! Definitely recommend."

Guys listen too

"As a guy this podcast is both fun and informative. Great to hear honest problems girls having getting the o :). I've learned how to help them and to not only think about myself. I wish my wife would be more open now and in the past. I need a girlfriend like her."

So proud to be a cumpanion

"Started binging a couple weeks ago and just caught up today. Continuously learning, unlearning, laughing, growing, and showing since starting to listen to Remy and Char, and I couldn't be happier! Good for your soul, relationships, orgasms, and cummunity. ALL THE STARS."

Thank you, baby Jesus

"Normally, I don't review like, anything. And it's probably not ideal to be thanking baby Jesus in this instance but Lordy be, I have learned so much from this podcast that your girl can now ~cum~ AND ~squirt~ with PRIDE. My boyfriend and I have grown as a couple from listening and learning and I feel much more confident telling him where to go and what to do now than I ever have before. I have told literally everyone about this plus added it to a job application recently when asked about my favorite podcast. Soo, no shame."

Love this podcast!

"This podcast has helped me to learn more about myself. My boyfriend and I communicate more and it has really helped our sex life. Remy is hilarious and earnest in all the right ways! I highly recommend this podcast to everyone! Men and women alike. It has seriously helped our sex life and is honestly interesting otherwise."


"Love everything about this podcast. Remy and Charlotte keep it real, make you laugh, and have had so many awesome guests. I love their willingness to be vulnerable with their audience to help normalize the conversation around just about everything relating to sex, growing up and figuring yourself has given me a lot of perspective on things in myself in own body and in relationships with others. What I wasn't expecting is to hear about so many things that I thought was "weird" about me (as a child/growing up/today) that are actually pretty normal, and things that most people have done/tried/thought about. Thanks for this great pod!"


"Someone on my team recommended this to all of us an I'm OBSESSED with it. I've learned so much and I'm so much more comfortable talking about sex and things that I thought only I was worried about. I recommend this to all of my friends."


"Listening has seriously made me a more confident woman, ty ty <3"

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