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How Cum?


Apr 17, 2019

It’s Escape Month at the Atelier, and what better escape than a big, blissful orgasm to temporarily transport you from your day-to-day grind? Well, easier said than done. It’s no secret that many women struggle to reach orgasm on their own or with a partner, despite what our favorite rom-coms tell us. Remy Kassimir is a stand-up comedian based in New York who, after years of brazenly tackling taboo subjects in her routines, decided to finally open up about her own struggles to achieve this carnal pleasure. At twenty-eight years old, Remy had never experienced an orgasm of her own and started a podcast to educate herself (and her listeners) on how exactly to achieve the ever-elusive O. How Cum is now on its second season and answering questions from listeners about female pleasure, relationships, and feeling confident in your own skin. We talk to Remy and How Cum producer Charlotte (also her sister!) about what they’ve learned, their dream guests, and what’s next for the Kassimir sisters.

First, give us a rundown of how you guys came up with the idea for How Cum.

RK: I had a very weird and interesting road that led me to realize I wasn’t having orgasms. For some reason growing up, I genuinely didn’t believe women were having orgasms or that they even could; but when I started stand up comedy I began to see that that wasn’t true. Night after night I would hear women talk about their orgasms on stage and I’d ask them after, “Is this really something you’re doing?” They would say yes and give me some pointers and I would try to take them in but I’d ultimately see no progress and give up. I felt defective and lonely. I shared the news with Charlotte, who (despite being my younger sister) shockingly said that she had orgasmed before, but it was difficult for her to do so with a partner. After a few conversations about technique, Charlotte suggested I may be a “lazy masturbator,” and I realized that I would need something to hold me accountable to complete my task. Thus, How Cum, with its expert guests and assignments, was born.

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