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Cheating Question: Is This Worse Than Cheating?


Feb 10, 2022

Is there anything worse than being cheated on? Apparently, there is, and one question recently posed on Oops The Podcast reveals one such example: “Would you rather your partner tried to cheat on you but was rejected, or [actually] cheated on you?”.

The podcast, hosted by US comedians Francis Ellis and Giulio Gallarotti, explores people’s most hilarious f*ck ups, and features a new guest each week. The latest guest is Remy Kassimir, also a comedian and podcast host.

The mistake for the week is that Remy spent most of her life being unable to orgasm (something she has recently solved). But that’s a topic for another day. This article highlights a hilarious exchange sparked by the question Francis puts Remy towards the end of the podcast – one no woman really wants to answer.

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