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Because it is important that (even) Aurora Ramazzotti tell you about the clitoris

Today Italy

Aug 11, 2022

It is called sex positivity and it is, in these times of non-quantifiable social activisms, one of the most interesting and concrete ferments, if only one of those that can be realized immediately, even tonight in your homes: it wants to break down the age-old taboos on pleasure feminine .

There is, as we have said in recent months, a new wave of feminism aimed at greater sexual awareness.

To date, short of Gwyneth Palthrow's invention of the candle with the scent of her vagina, 'Goop!' and Giorgia Soleri with the status symbol of vulva-shaped earrings , there was nothing else. In 2020, that pioneered a crowd of vociferous activists.

There is Remy Kassimir who was the first, years ago, to earn in America with her How Cum Podcast that is a real guide to achieving orgasm (At one point", she said, I thought it didn't even exist, or that it was the prerogative of the lucky few").

*translated from Italian*

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