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7 Sex Toys That Don't Look So Phallic, Because That's Not Everyone's Jam

Elite Daily

Apr 1, 2019

There are a number of reasons why you'd be in the market for sex toys that don't look like penises. In the same way that non-vibrating sex toys might be someone's preference, penetration just might not be your favorite sensation (say that five time fast). Conversations about sex that prioritize vaginal or anal penetrative pleasure, or have penises or dildos at the forefront exclude a whole population of people who can't or don't want to get off that way. Maybe penetrative sex is painful for you, or you are working through sexual trauma. Maybe penetration just doesn't feel good no matter how hard you try to get into it. All of these reasons for not being interested in penetrative sex (with others or yourself) are absolutely normal.

Kate Kelly, a spokesperson for sex toy company Sweet Vibrations, says, "Phallic sex toys reinforce the idea that you need a penis, and well, a [cisgender] man, for pleasure. We don’t." Even people who enjoy d*cks don't necessarily need them to get off. This is a sentiment Remy Kassimir, a Sweet Vibrations partner and host of sex ed podcast How Cum, stands by. "Penis-shaped toys always made me feel as if there had to be a penis in the room in order for me to feel pleasure. That is so untrue and it took a while to unlearn," Kassimir says. Despite the fact that society casts penetration as be-all, end-all for sexy time, here are seven sex toys that help you stimulate or be stimulated, and don't require vaginal or anal penetration.

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