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6 Myths About Female Orgasms We Need To Debunk


May 28, 2019

The female orgasm is a V important topic that's finally becoming less taboo, but there's still a ton of fake news out there. And I'm not just talking about the large population of men who think that jackhammering against a woman's cervix is the only way to get her off (but that too).

Everyone is different, and that’s something that’s not a myth, but the idea that you can’t orgasm if it’s never happened before is 100% wrong. So if you’re one of the many women thinking, “I haven’t had an orgasm yet, so I must not be able to,” stop it. You just may not have yet figured out what you need to make it happen.

“Female orgasms can all be different because of how our bodies are positioned and how big our clits are and where they are,” Remy said. Yup, that’s right! Not all clitorises (clitori? Clits? WTF is the plural version of clitoris???) are the same size or located in the same place. Some are a little to the left, some are a little to the right, and some are larger than others… like balls!

According to Remy, “it’s not complicated once you know the motion that works on your part.” And that’s coming from someone who literally created a podcast to figure out (and conquer!) how to cum after 28+ years.

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