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13 Podcasts About Love And Sex To Spice Up Your Commute

Huffington Post

Mar 19, 2019

The best podcasts make you feel like you’re chatting ― err, having a very one-sided conversation ― with a close friend. That’s why the medium works so well when the topic at hand is love, sex or dating; if you find a good pod, it’s like listening to a smart friend dispensing his or her very best advice every week or so.

12-13. How Cum and Girls Gotta Eat

“Both are hosted by real women, with real-life experiences talking about the nuts and bolts of relationships and orgasming. Remy Kassimir, host of ‘How Cum,’ was not able to orgasm and walked everyone step by step through every detail of the female orgasm. And ‘Girls Gotta Eat,’ hosted by Rayna and Ashley, talks about the nuts and bolts of romantic relationships and flings: when to move in, if to move in, or when to just play for the night and let go. Love them both!” ― Mara Marek, host of “The Happy Never After Podcast

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