What About Ben's Balls?

Season 3, Episode 20

Trigger Warning: Injuries, surgeries, and beatboxing.

It's a penis and balls episode! Ben is back to talk about why he and Remy don't bang often anymore, the famous 90's toy he used to masturbate with as a child, and a genital surgery he might need to undergo in the future. Gavriel tells us about the time they had emergency testicular torsion surgery and Ben almost faints; twice.

We also uncover a rampant lie that Ben has been telling about his own "virginity loss" story, Ben reveals to the Cumpanions how he blew up his hand this week and Remy accidentally blurts out one of the weirdest time-traveling fantasies of all time.

Follow us at @HowCumPodcast, Remy @RemyKassimir, Ben @BennyDNYC and Gavriel at @Lotus.Revlon

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