Coming Out as Straight

Season 3, Episode 22
Coming Out as Straight (Lucas Connolly).

Comedian Lucas Connolly comes all the way from New York for this outrageously funny and didactic episode. He regales us with stories about being one of the earliest 'queerspawn;' growing up with four moms in Laramie Wyoming. We talk about Lucas' hooking up with guys just to make sure he wasn't gay, his Craigslist virginity loss story and a concerning trend he came across on Tik Tok. Finally, him and Remy discuss the differences in discussion of body image and plastic surgeries in their households, fantasize about the "Genital Olympics," and wonder whether they are 'hot enough' to make it in comedy.   Follow Lucas @LoveableLucas1 Follow us at @HowCumPodcast and Remy @RemyKassimir.

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