Season 3, Episode 25

For our 100th episode, we are joined by Remy’s good friend, former Sugar Baby, and frequent user of 'Seeking Arrangements,' “Amanda”. Cum along with us as Amanda takes us on fabulous sugar dating adventures and explains why she no longer works in sex. We discuss how “Regular Dating” differs from "Sugar-Dating," and the precautions you should take when looking into becoming a sugar dater. She tells us about how she became comfortable accepting gifts, what it is like to be flown out to Vegas, and why she wouldn’t want to sugar date anywhere but New York. We learn about how often she came with her paying dates as well as some insider information on average rates within the field. Finally, Amanda divulges how a Leap of Faith led her to meet her new amazing boyfriend! Follow us at @HowCumPodcast and Remy at @RemyKassimir

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